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Advertising Spotlight: NFL Football


NFL football, the most popular sport in the United States, is set to begin in just a few short months. The 2014 NFL season will begin with preseason games starting on August 3rd and will kick off the regular season on September 4th. The Seattle Seahawks will try to become the first team since the New England Patriots in 2004 and 2005 to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles. Among the 31 teams who will try to prevent them from doing so are the local New York Giants and New York Jets. The Giants will look to make up for a disappointing season in which they finished 7-9, their first losing season since 2004. The Jets are in a rebuilding phase and were not expected to do well last season, but finished an impressive 8-8, a mark in which they will look to build upon this year.

NFL football typically receives higher ratings than any other sport in the United States, and with two local teams, the New York area is as passionate about the sport as anywhere in the country. Local law firms will have the opportunity to connect with the large viewing audience through television advertising spots from Cablevision.

Cablevision is offering two packages that will offer a variety of formats and networks to advertise with. Both packages will feature :30 spots during Monday Night Football games on ESPN and Thursday Night Football games on NFL Network (some of which will be simulcast on CBS). The packages will also contain general spots from an assortment of networks that the advertiser can select, as well as ESPN sponsorship promos containing a firm’s name and tagline.

The Touchdown Package consists of 1,268 total spots. Law firms will be given two :30 spots per game for each of the 17 Monday Night Football games and the 15 Thursday Night Football games.  Two spots will also be included for each of the two preseason games that will air on ESPN. This results in a total of 68 spots which will run during NFL games. For general spots, the law firm will get to choose one network per group from five groups of networks. The groups run :30 spots at various frequencies per week and during different times of day. All general spots will run for 20 weeks and will add up to a total of 900 spots. The remaining 300 spots are the previously mentioned ESPN sponsorship promos, and will run between 6 a.m. and midnight.

Prices for the Touchdown Package are $13,007 for the Huntington zone, $14,167 for the Babylon zone, $14,867 for the Riverhead zone, $16,561 for the Brookhaven zone, $35,903 for the Hauppauge zone, $23,231 for the North Nassau zone, and $43,549 for the South Nassau zone.

The Field Goal Package will consist of 620 total spots. The law firm will be given one :30 spot during 10 different Monday Night Football games and during 10 Thursday Night Football games, for a total of 20 spots. The general spots will work similarly to the Touchdown Package, but will only run for 10 weeks, resulting in a total of 450 general spots. The remaining 150 spots will be the ESPN sponsorship promos.

Prices for the Field Goal Package are $5,151 for the Huntington zone, $5,639 for the Babylon zone, $5,969 for the Riverhead zone, $6,599 for the Brookhaven zone, $13,945 for the Hauppauge zone, $9,023 for the North Nassau zone, and $16,799 for the South Nassau zone.

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