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3 Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Clients

If you haven’t implemented mobile marketing yet, your competitors send their thanks.

According to, there are 290 million mobile users in the United States. That means more than 88% of Americans own smartphones and research shows that 70% of mobile searches elicit a reaction within an hour.

What are you waiting for? Check out these tips and let us build your mobile marketing strategy today! 

5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of many people’s day.

Creating a social media presence for your firm has many benefits. For instance, it makes it easy to keep your clients up to date on any changes within your firm. Social media also creates an opportunity for you to establish you (or your firm) as an authority within your practice area(s). This can help drive prospective clients to your website.

Find out how to optimize your social media to make it work for you and to hopefully fill your calendar with clients! 

Discussion includes:

  • Why social engagement matters
  • How to turn a wish into a goal
  • The importance of organization

and so much more…

Podcast: Marketing Strategies for Solos and Small Law Firms

Brad Swezey, the Vice President of PR4Lawyers joins host Kory Underdown of Solo de Facto to discuss marketing strategies. It can be difficult to gain traction when you are a small business. Brad is here to provide solos and small law firms with ways to successfully market your business.

Listen to Podcast

What you’ll learn:

  • Why as an attorney, you can’t assume that your skills will automatically attract new clients.
  • Why you can’t rely on one way to get clients.
  • Why lawyers are viewed in the same way as auto repair shops (yes, really!).
  • What the advantage solo practitioners have over bigger law firms.
  • Why the more you can connect with your potential clients the better off you’ll be.
  • Why you don’t need a full time staff who is in the office.
  • Voicemail is the quickest way to kill your new leads.

5 Tactics to Strengthen Your Direct Mail Campaign

With the popularity of digital marketing, direct mail marketing may not be a part of your marketing strategy. Though people use their phones and computer screens more and more, direct mail campaigns are not the dinosaur you think they are. Like digital marketing, it is paramount that you target your ideal audience in your direct mail campaigns. Let’s dive into what is important in your new, modern direct mail campaign.