Blodnick Fazio & Clark Supports New Bill That Would Lessen Financial Burdens on Small Businesses in New York State

Thomas R. Fazio, Partner, Blodnick Fazio & Clark, says a new state bill that would let small businesses off with a warning instead of a fine for a minor first-time violation would reduce the burden on small businesses in the state. New York State Assemblyman John McDonald is sponsoring a bill that would waive the fine for small businesses violating certain regulations for the first time. For example, one such violation includes the misuse of the label “real estate broker” versus “licensed real estate broker” on a business card, which could cost a real estate agent $1,000.

Last December, a similar bill was vetoed by Governor Andrew Cuomo because he believed the bill wasn’t strict enough. This new bill has been updated to include a measure that would not allow first-time violations to be waived if the violation endangered the public, human health or the environment, caused serious harm, involved tax fraud, or was done intentionally.

Mr. McDonald’s bill is in committee in the Assembly and has also been introduced in the Senate. If passed, the bill will then be given to Governor Cuomo, who will decide whether to veto or sign the bill.

“New York State is a challenging place in which to operate a business,” Mr. Fazio says. “Small business owners are most affected because of the vast array of these burdensome rules and regulations to follow. I urge the Legislature to pass this bill and Governor Cuomo to sign it into law so that people trying to earn a living are given a fair shake.”

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