February 2014

Atchinson & Associates
Immigration Law Commercial

Grossbach Divorce Landing

  • An immigration law commercial was produced for Atchinson & Associates. It was also added to their website.
  • Landing pages were created to advertise the tax law practice and matrimonial law practice for Martin Grossbach, P.C.
  • An e-newsletter template was designed for Shulman Kessler, LLP. Marijana Matura, an associate at the firm, appeared on La Fiesta Radio to speak about minimum wage laws and employees rights.
  • Frederick K. Brewington appeared on New 12's "Diverse Long Island" to discuss civil rights issues related to police misconduct in relation to the ouster of Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Dale and the recent decision at a housing discrimination lawsuit against the Village of Garden City.
  • A website was created for the Windham branch of Bellavia Law Offices.
  • A website was created for Bonchonsky & Zaino, LLP.