The Cochran Firm Releases Disturbing Audio File of Teacher Cursing at and Punching Special Education Student and Violently Threatening His Classmates

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Student’s Mother Is Joined by Other Parents to Discuss How The Teacher Terrorized Their Children

NEW YORK, NY (February 17, 2015) — Derek Sells, Managing Partner, The Cochran Firm, and Paul B. Weitz, Partner, The Cochran Firm and Founder/Managing Partner, Paul B. Weitz & Associates, have released indisputable and shocking audio evidence proving that a teacher, Alexander Perry, physically and verbally assaulted a student in his classroom on January 23. They were joined by Giovanni Garrick, the student’s mother, and other parents who came forward to speak about Mr. Perry’s criminal actions towards their children, including one parent whose daughter was terrorized by Mr. Perry.

In the four-minute audio clip, Mr. Perry can be heard cursing, yelling at and punching M.B., a special education student at P.S. 118 at St. Albans, New York, as he accuses the student of cheating on a test. After beating the student, he says, “Don’t I owe you from yesterday?”, referring to another “whooping” he said M.B. deserved.

A female teacher who was in the classroom at the time of the incident pulled Mr. Perry off the student. “Why did you stop me?” Mr. Perry is heard telling the other teacher. “I wasn’t finished.” He tells M.B. to “thank God you had somebody to stop me.” He then threatens the students with “whoopings” if they told anyone outside the classroom what happened, saying “Nobody sees this.”

A copy of the audio file can be heard here: The audio file contains strong language and other disturbing elements.)

Mr. Sells and Mr. Weitz also released reports of other student assaults by Mr. Perry and evidence showing a pervasive attitude ranging from indifference to and actual support of Mr. Perry’s conduct prior to the beatings on the part of the school administration and upper management in the New York City Department of Education.

On February 10, The Cochran Firm filed a $10 million notice of claim against the City of New York and the city’s Department of Education, seeking money damages for personal injuries and severe psychological damage.

“This audio clip clearly proves that Mr. Perry verbally and physically assaulted this student and made threatening actions to the other students in the room,” Mr. Sells said. “We are disturbed by what we have heard on this audio file and we hope the Education Department takes swift and immediate action against Mr. Perry.”

“We ask that any parent whose children were in that classroom the day of the incident to come forward and tell us how Mr. Perry acted towards their children,” Mr. Weitz said. “Based on the audio evidence we heard today, it is clear that Mr. Perry is totally unfit to be around children if he lets his temper get the better of him.”

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