5 Digital Marketing Strategies
For Successful Law Firms

Digital marketing gives law firms the ability to reach potential clients and transform your reach compared to using traditional marketing. In order to generate
organic traffic and generate leads, you need to know how potential clients are finding you. Use this toolbox to build your foundation and set yourself up for digital success. 

Get a Comprehensive Review of Your Current Marketing

Prior to your consultation, we will review your current marketing efforts, including your brand, online presence, and traditional advertising efforts.

Get a Free 30-Min Consultation ($100 Value)

During your consultation, we will discuss what we believe your strengths and weaknesses are within your current marketing strategy and provide suggestions on how to redevelop the strategy to increase your brand awareness and generate leads.

Get an Edge on Your Competition

Our marketing firm has attorneys working for it, allowing us to combine our marketing insights with legal aspects not found in other marketing and public relations firms.
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Law Firms Have Trusted Us Since 2002

“John’s expertise has served as the foundation of our Firm’s marketing efforts. The staff at PR4Lawyers is professional, responsive and detail-oriented. As a boutique Firm which must be cost-conscious, we have found the services provided to have tremendous value for achieving our short term and long term marketing objectives.” - Leo K. Barnes, Jr., Member, Barnes & Barnes

“I have been engaged in high profile cases which have been in the public for over thirty years. In those three decades, having worked with a lot of people, I must say that working with John Zaher, Hank Russell and PR4Lawyers over the past five years has been one of the best experiences I can recall. Not only do the folks at PR4Lawyers know the importance of marketing and working with the press and publications, but they have a keen sense of timing and a mature understanding of how to package and present information so that it is both informative and exciting. I only wish that I had begun working with them sooner. Top flight doesn’t even begin to describe the quality of their work and advice. They are consummate professionals."

- Fred Brewington, The Law Offices of Frederick K. Brewington

“PR4Lawyers’ professional commercial and advertising campaign has propelled us to the next level as one of the fastest-growing Social Security Disability law firms. While maintaining the integrity of the profession, our commercials have provided us the best value in acquiring new clients.”

- Michael Sullivan, Esq., Partner, Sullivan & Kehoe

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